Dave Weston, Afternoons

dave-weston-profile-photoSince I have lived in Tulsa for pretty much the entire 21st century, I feel like I am a true Okie. 3 of my 6 children were born here and  it’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere! I was a sergeant in the Marine Corps until March of 1999, and after receiving a B.A. in broadcasting from Wheaton College in Illinois, began a full time radio career. After brief stops in Huntsville, Texas and Fayetteville, Arkansas, I began my radio journey here in Tulsa!

I enjoy watching pretty much any sport but my favorite to play (after having a long discussion with my son Myles as to which was indeed my favorite) is horseshoes. I rarely turn down an opportunity to play whenever that chance might come along. I also am a Chicago Bears fan, Oklahoma City Thunder fan and have many aspiring athletes living under my roof. My wife Jennifer got a full ride scholarship to college for her amazing soccer skills and we have been married since May of 1994.

Journey’s “Faithfully” is sung at least once a day in my home by yours truly (my wife LOVES that). Speaking of singing I have had the awesome opporunity to sing the national anthem at Driller’s games, Talon’s games, Oiler’s games, ORU Golden Eagle’s games, and the circus as well as at the Tulsa Day Center’s Homerun for the Homeless. You might even catch me singing jingles every now and then including the Danny Myers paint and Body jingle which I wrote and sung in 2002.

Oh, I LOVE THE 80’S!!!


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  • Hey Dave!! I used to listen to you & Nina on Mix 96 & LOVED you guys!!! It’s not the same without you two. I just recently found this radio station but didn’t realize you were on in the afternoons!! Definitely going to tune in to listen to you now. BTW why have I never heard any Michael Jackson songs on this station? Would love to hea


Radical Reviews!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For the first time since I graduated high school-1990, btw-I can listen to a radio station that makes me feel like I am back in time. I cannot recall another station in town entirely dedicated to the best decade of music ever. It was always "the music of yesterday and today". As long as you guys are on, 100.9 Totally Awesome 80s will be my one-and-only radio station. Thank you for bringing back Casey Kasem, too! My wife and I wax nostalgic listening to American Top 40!