Chuck Stevens

img_5707Chuck has been in Tulsa Radio for thirty one years. Graduating from high school in 1984 he was listening to all the great songs you hear on Totally Awesome 80’s. Chuck will get you going with songs you listened to during the MTV days when they actually played videos. Chuck says “We are gonna have fun with great prizes and the best music on the planet. I look forward to being with you at this great Radio Station!”


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  • Glad you’re on 100.9 now. I remember when you were on Mix 96.5 Tulsa. Sorry to say Mix 96.5 switched to more current Adult Top 40 music. Can’t handle too much of today’s current pop music. Guess I’m just getting old (1978 Daniel Webster Tulsa High School graduate)! I now live in Oklahoma City. Keep up the good work!

  • Class of 85. Cali.
    This music never stopped in my head, just on the radio. Until now, unlocking the time vault in my mind. My background (foreground sometimes) music of some of the happiest funnest best times of my life. Radio all day and online at nights.
    Thanks for all the other gnarly content on the website too. Just think what kind of trouble we could have gotten into with today’s technology right?


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Thank you, I love this station and listen to it every day