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Kevin Meyer circa 1980
Kevin Meyer circa 1980

The 1980s. What a great ten years that was, huh?

Personally, it was a huge decade of growth. When 1980 dawned I was a single guy working at a fun little “Top 40” station in Kentucky. I moved to Tulsa in 1982 and spent the rest of the 80s (and 90s) playing country music across town. But I’ve always loved all types of music. I like to tell folks I owned everything from Alice Cooper to The Oak Ridge Boys in my 8-track collection. (OK. That’s a totally 70s reference, but it’s a fact.) I followed the MTV beat closely through the 80s and wrapped up the decade marrying Julie in 1989. We’ve lived in the same Broken Arrow home since then, and both of our daughters were born in Tulsa. I am thrilled to be playing Totally Awesome 80s now and look forward to hearing from you.

Oh yeah. That little station in Kentucky where the decade opened? That’s where I first met and worked with my friend Kent Jones, and I’m absolutely tickled to be working with him again!

Yup. The 80s was pretty awesome…and still is.




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Radical Reviews!

It was 1980 something.... I just found this station and I'm in love!!! If you love all the John Hughes films and soundtracks you will LOVE this station. Not to mention it reminds me of "The Goldbergs". It takes me back to the best days of my life. People were not taking selfies and being obsessed with themselves. We all just danced and sang the wrong words to every song. At least I did..... Thank you for giving me a station that doesn't play the same song over and over and over again like a broken record. NO PUN INTENDED. THANK YOU FOR GIVING US BACK THE 80'S

Tasha Wooten