Pilots Of The Airwaves

Chuck Stevens

Chuck has been in Tulsa Radio for thirty one years. Graduating from high school in 1984 he was listening to all the great songs you hear on Totally Awesome...

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Dave Weston, Afternoons

Since I have lived in Tulsa for pretty much the entire 21st century, I feel like I am a true Okie. 3 of my 6 children were born here and  it’s the longest I’ve...

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Primetime Shows

You can hear a variety of legendary DJ’s all hosting their own unique takes on the 80’s every weeknight at 7 and all weekend long on 100.9...

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Radical Reviews!

I have not heard "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock since I was a teenager! Wow! Love it - thank you! This station is so much fun! I'm dancing in my chair at work!

Catherine P.