Remember That Song – On Hiatus

Hi Everybody. After 7 years of the popular Remember That Song series, we are going to have to take a break for a while. I am so burned out right now, and have a lot going on in my personal life, so it is too difficult for me to pick out a song and lyrics every day. I am going to have to step back for now, and focus on the Return of the podcast, and on writing articles, which is why I got into blogging to begin with. Once I get the energy back up, Remember That Song will make a most triumphant return.

However, if anybody would like to volunteer to take over this Remember That Song series, either permanently, or for at least a week at a time, please email me at with the song and the lyrics you’d like to use. I will give you full credit, and we all would appreciate it.


Radical Reviews!

I am so totally excited, yes like an 80's high school girl, to get to listen every day to the music that carried me through all the teenage woes. I greatly appreciate the variety in the music selection too!! Of course I enjoy your awesome morning and afternoon DJ's, they do an excellent job!! Thanks so much and keep up the totally awesome job!!!! Thanks for listening! Sharmon Oujiri

Sharmon Oujiri