Who Can It Be Now Trivia!

Every weekday morning Chuck Stevens plays “Who Can It Be Now” trivia. Just name the 80’s actor/singer/celebrity from his clue or question and win free passes to Wheels & Thrills Family Fun!

Recapture those eighties moments, AND introduce the kids, to the ALL-NEW Wheels and Thrills.  Green Country’s newest AND largest roller skating rink also features laser tag, indoor play for the little ones, arcade games and food.

And for totally awesome birthday parties there’s black light VIP rooms and a full restaurant (Not just hot dogs n’ nachos).  Visit www.wheelsandthrills.com for daily promotions & enjoy roller skating, laser tag, play zone and Arcade games!   Wheels And Thrills is all-in-one-fun for all ages!  Located in Owasso at the Wheels and Thrills Corner at 106th and North Garnett Road.  Wheels and Thrills -The Family-Friendly, Memory-Making Place!

Don’t forget to listen every morning to Who Can It Be Now Trivia for your chance to win VIP Wristbands good for Unlimited (endless) roller skating, laser tag and indoor play!

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  • A flock of Seagulls. By the way…. I LOVE LOVE THIS STATION!!!! I grew up in the 80s and when I listen to these songs, I’m back in high school back in California.


Radical Reviews!

It was 1980 something.... I just found this station and I'm in love!!! If you love all the John Hughes films and soundtracks you will LOVE this station. Not to mention it reminds me of "The Goldbergs". It takes me back to the best days of my life. People were not taking selfies and being obsessed with themselves. We all just danced and sang the wrong words to every song. At least I did..... Thank you for giving me a station that doesn't play the same song over and over and over again like a broken record. NO PUN INTENDED. THANK YOU FOR GIVING US BACK THE 80'S

Tasha Wooten