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Welcome to Totally Awesome 80’s!

Welcome to the Totally Awesome 80’s! A radio station dedicated to the music of a generation and one of the greatest decades of pop music ever!

“The 80’s were a nostalgic decade full of iconic songs and fond memories. The quality, variety and originality of music in the 80’s was unmatched and has remained one of the most listened to decades of music among all age groups. I dare you not to smile when listening to 100.9 Totally Awesome 80’s!” – Bob Thornton, Program Director

The station launched August 31st by playing 1980 songs in a row commercial free and features local and national air talent. The lineup includes TK in the morning, Kent Jones from 10-3, Dave Weston from 3-7 and each evening at 7 something we call “Primetime” where you’ll enjoy a nationally known host flashing back to the best of the 80’s. Nina Blackwood of MTV, Casey Kasem and others will be featured each night at 7pm.

Let us know what you think! You can call anytime or text us at 918-928-1986.


  1. Chris

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! For the first time since I graduated high school-1990, btw-I can listen to a radio station that makes me feel like I am back in time. I cannot recall another station in town entirely dedicated to the best decade of music ever. It was always “the music of yesterday and today”. As long as you guys are on, 100.9 Totally Awesome 80s will be my one-and-only radio station.
    Thank you for bringing back Casey Kasem, too! My wife and I wax nostalgic listening to American Top 40!

  2. Trish Agin

    I absolutely ADORE your radio station!!! It makes me and my friends at work feel 30 years younger. (:
    I’m also SUPER excited that Dave Weston is still your afternoon DJ, he is a favorite of mine! I listen in my car, at work and at home. I take this amazing music with me no matter where I go!

  3. Lacey

    I’ve been gushing about 100.9 for weeks to everyone, and it’s spread through the workplace like wildfire. 3 other offices in my (very short) hallway are streaming your station right now! Thank you so much for taking us back in time!

  4. Summer ?

    I sat down in my car and heard New Kids on the Block. Wow! I felt like a giddy pre-teen again. Thanks for bringing back geeky girl crush feelings again! ?
    So far, it is rare for me to change the channel. Please keep up with the great variety of alternative and rock. Maybe throw in a bit more R&B and hip hop. Avoid the urge to just play the same set everyday like other stations that were once great have done.
    Love love love ?

  5. Tasha Wooten

    It was 1980 something…. I just found this station and I’m in love!!! If you love all the John Hughes films and soundtracks you will LOVE this station. Not to mention it reminds me of “The Goldbergs”. It takes me back to the best days of my life. People were not taking selfies and being obsessed with themselves. We all just danced and sang the wrong words to every song. At least I did…..

    Thank you for giving me a station that doesn’t play the same song over and over and over again like a broken record. NO PUN INTENDED.


  6. Clint Gallatin

    I just saw your billboard traveling east on B.A. Expressway… I don’t even listen to radio anymore but tuned in and in moments listening to QuarterFlash followed up by Peter Gabriel!!!!!! Doesn’t get better than this! Thank you! Guess radio is now relevant once again 🙂

  7. Bob Reavis

    This station alone was the reason I dumped XM Satellite Radio! Best music station in the market. Air staff is the cream of the crop. I really love listening. ~Bob O’Shea

  8. Sharmon Oujiri

    I am so totally excited, yes like an 80’s high school girl, to get to listen every day to the music that carried me through all the teenage woes. I greatly appreciate the variety in the music selection too!! Of course I enjoy your awesome morning and afternoon DJ’s, they do an excellent job!! Thanks so much and keep up the totally awesome job!!!!
    Thanks for listening!
    Sharmon Oujiri

  9. Catherine P.

    I have not heard “Rockit” by Herbie Hancock since I was a teenager! Wow! Love it – thank you! This station is so much fun! I’m dancing in my chair at work!

  10. Angie

    Love the station ,listen all day every day,live the app too because reception is not the greatest in tahlequah,so with the app I never have to be without my 80’s

  11. Harry Francis

    You guys are great. Playing the music from the best decade to grow up in. As a Tulsa Central High School alumni ( Class of 1983) let me just say thank you.

  12. Milee

    I found this station about a month ago. I have not turned it off since. I believe this is the best radio station I have ever heard. Thank you!!!

  13. Milee

    I found this station about a month ago. I have not turned it off since. I believe this is the best radio station I have ever heard. Thank you!!!

  14. Felix Thompson

    Just found your station yesterday and locked it in. My kids thought I was crazy this morning on the way to school. I was singing every song And knew the words!!!

  15. Shannon

    Class of 85. Cali.
    This music never stopped in my head, just on the radio. Until now, unlocking the time vault in my mind. My background (foreground sometimes) music of some of the happiest funnest best times of my life. Radio all day and online at nights.
    Thanks for all the other gnarly content on the website too. Just think what kind of trouble we could have gotten into with today’s technology right?

  16. Daniel Lee Raiber

    I don’t know when you guys started this station but I stumbled across it in August 2017. It is everything I ever could have wished for in a radio station. Thank you for all your dedication to the music that means so much to me.

  17. Mike Ransom

    Hey, great to meet and talk with you guys. Tuned in on the way home and heard “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”. I remember listening to that while working out at a now-defunct Tulsa gym in 1984! Good decade. Thanks for the shirt and sport bottle!

  18. Blondie

    Love you’re station has really totally awsome 80s music that brings back awsome memories with trendy fashion and great movies and TV shows like the neon look and trendy fashions do not ever stop playing I really do not know what I would do without you guys?? Keep up the totally awsome work

  19. Camille

    I found this station by accident and can’t get enough of it! I even have my husband hooked on it! Thank you for bringing back the 80’s for me!

  20. lance

    Love the New Wave Hour! Being a California native it reminds me of home, shopping on Melrose and The Beverly Center and listening to KROQ! I’d love to hear Give Me Back My Man by The B-52’s. It was KROQ’s #% song for 1980!!

  21. Michael Lauro

    I’ve searched the internet for lots of 80s radio stations or anything that plays all 80s and this is by far the BEST thing I’ve ever found! I stream this radio station in my car through the app on my phone all the time and also throughout my house on the home audio system. I can’t get enough of it, and I live in Pennsylvania! Keep it up you have an extremely loyal listener


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