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The 1980’s Film Alphabet Challenge…

So you think that you know 80’s movies? Try out this challenging puzzle and see if you can name every movie from A to Z!  Click on “read more” below to reveal answers.
to reveal answers click on “read more”.
1980s Film Alphabet Answers

A Airplane
B Back to the Future
C Coming to America
D Dirty Dancing
E E.T.
F Flight of the Navigator
G Ghost Busters
H Honey I Shrunk the Kids
I Indiana Jones
J Jumpin’ Jack Flash
K Karate Kid
L Labyrinth
M Mannequin
N Nightmare on Elm Street
O Octopussy
P Princess Bride
Q Q, The Winged Serpent
R Rambo
S Short Circuit
T Teen Wolf
U Untouchable
V Vice Versa
W Weird Science
X Xanadu
Y Young Blood
​Z Zelig