100.9 KTSO

Welcome to Totally Awesome 80’s!

Welcome to the Totally Awesome 80’s! A radio station dedicated to the music of a generation and one of the greatest decades of pop music ever!

“The 80’s were a nostalgic decade full of iconic songs and fond memories. The quality, variety and originality of music in the 80’s was unmatched and has remained one of the most listened to decades of music among all age groups. I dare you not to smile when listening to 100.9 Totally Awesome 80’s!” – Bob Thornton, Program Director

The station launched August 31st by playing 1980 songs in a row commercial free and features local and national air talent. The lineup includes TK in the morning, Kent Jones from 10-3, Dave Weston from 3-7 and each evening at 7 something we call “Primetime” where you’ll enjoy a nationally known host flashing back to the best of the 80’s. Nina Blackwood of MTV, Casey Kasem and others will be featured each night at 7pm.

Let us know what you think! You can call anytime or text us at 918-928-1986.